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The QAA’s mission is to stimulate the growth of the animation industry in Quebec through targeted actions that speak to one of our four pillars: creation, development, financing and reach. As the voice of a dynamic industry in constant evolution, QAA is a vector of change. With a decidedly collaborative approach, QAA rallies its members around animation-specific stakes to ensure the just representation of our industry on the broader media landscape in Québec and Canada.

Our Story

Established in 2011, QAA’s original mandate was to reinvigorate the once prolific animation industry in Quebec. The first order of business was a national consultation from which an action plan was devised, then reviewed in 2015. The plan remains the foundation of the organisation with creation, development, financing and reach as the 4 pillars of our mandate.


QAA is privileged to have a Board of Directors of committed individuals who hail from all sectors of the animation industry. We are very grateful for their involvement!

Executive Committee

Jacques Bilodeau

President - President, Oasis Animation
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Renaud Sylvain

Vice-president - Independant producer
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François Deschamps

Treasurer - President, Difuze
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Marie-Claude Beauchamp

President and producer, Carpe Diem Film télé

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Luc Châtelain

President - owner, Echo Media
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Chantal Cloutier

Executive Director

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Bernard Lajoie

Secretary - President, TonicDNA

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François Trudel

Vice-president, Producer, Groupe PVP

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Nadja Cozic

Co-Founder, Producer, Director, E*D Films

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Madeleine Levesque

Executive Director

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Brigitte Monneau


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Isabelle Toussaint

Administrative assistant

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